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Hello, I'm Chris, counsellor at Counselling Central.

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We all go through tough times in life and no one is exempt. It is completely normal to struggle at times. 
Yet seeking professional help can feel difficult...  

Whatever challenges you are facing, I can tell you that working with a supportive professional really can help.

I believe in the power of good counselling because I have seen time and again how it helps people change and grow, overcome difficulties and feel better about themselves.  And often within a relatively short time frame. 


Counselling is more than just talking about feelings, it is about changing patterns and behaviours that are keeping you stuck, and arming you with skills and strategies to live a more satisfying life.


I have training in  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focus, Person Centred Therapy and Mindfulness.

Training and knowledge is super-important and valuable and I have an ongoing commitment to learning. 


But did you know research shows that it is your relationship with your therapist that is the key to successful therapy?  You have to find someone that you feel comfortable with!

You will find me warm, genuine, empathic and easy to talk to.  I am very down to earth, accepting and experienced in life.

We all experience feelings of anxiety at times. It is a normal response from the threat-detector part of the brain, designed to keep us safe. 

Depression is a very common condition that can be triggered by stressful events , or can sometimes appear with no obvious catalyst.

When we think of the word “grief,” it is most often associated with death, but actually grief is about loss, and loss can come in many forms.  

Postnatal depression (PND) and anxiety affects about 10 - 20 percent of new mothers, and can occur at any time during the first year.  You may experience them separately or 

Maybe you are going through a break-up, deciding whether to stay or go, or still looking for 'the one'.   Maybe you are having problems with a family member, co-worker or friend. 

Emotional trauma occurs when a person's neurological system is overwhelmed by the stress of a deeply distressing or disturbing event.